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Don't Get It Twisted 

The Original"Don't Get it Twisted"


When hearing the words “don’t get it twisted!” the image and smile of friend and mentor Diedra Jamison Fowler flood the mind. Much more than a mentor, she was a confidant, muse, and inspiration. A woman of character, grace and one to speak her mind and didn’t care who didn’t like it; She coined the phrase “don’t get it twisted” and was working on a book of the same title but sadly didn’t get to complete the project. Diedra spent most of her hours confined to bed, due to her illness, though sick most of the time, she never let that stop her from reaching out and making a difference whether it was comforting someone, schooling young women on how to be women and productive creative beings, whether it was teaching thru conference calls or skype or just being silly Diedra. She readily made herself available to anyone who needed her; That is unless you happened to call her on Wednesday when out enjoying our “Pie Wednesdays!” It was a time for us to brainstorm and for her to just get out of the house on those rare occasions where she was feeling like she could conquer the world for one day. 
Strangers benefited from her wit, her energy and her clarity. Diedra was profound when she spoke, and often times conferenced in on calls from Everett "TiJa" Butcher, her dear friend and founder of the “Don’t Get It Twisted” movement and radio program, to which I have had the pleasure of guesting on. Consulting with Everett Butcher and the Chester Country Minority Caucus (now Concerned Citizen Melanic Caucus) in Chester Country Pennsylvania was her passion and she weekly was on the phone with this great organization getting updates on what was going on and what she could do to be of help even though she lived in Chicago, IL. She lended her support as do I, to this organization and I will carry on her dream of being there to support "TiJa" and the Caucus. Diedra was a mother, a wife, sister and an aunt and grandmother. Her influence on my personal life led me to pursue my passion in the film making industry and she was instrumental in my decision to produce my drama series KARMA which went on to win The 2012 Las Vegas Film Festivals GOLDEN ACE AWARD for best Television Pilot as Director/Producer. Sadly my friend passed away before I could share my accomplishment excitement over winning with her. I took the stand in August to accept my award and dedicated it to my best friend and muse Diedra Jamison Fowler. Those of us who knew her, were blessed. Those of you who have never met her in life, have missed out on being in the presence of greatness. A women who was a truly gifted being in mind and in spirit. Her energy is all around me and I carry the knowledge she has imparted upon my life with me forever. She truly is, and will forever be my “angelic soulmate!”You are greatly missed Miz Dee~

                                                Deborah Bailey-Harleaux

                                                                Editorial "Pie Talk" Host of "Don't Get it Twisted" WCHE 1520 AM inaugural season